7 Living Room Ideas for An Apartement

7 Living Room Ideas for An Apartement – One of the problems that is often encountered when living in an apartment is the size of space that is not too broad. So you need to think creatively in order to utilize the room optimally. In this explanation we will try to discuss the idea of ​​living room that you can apply in your apartment.

Let us consider the explanation below.

Living room

1.Think Smart When Choosing Furnishings

If you have a small room like an example above, then we strongly advise you to be smart when choosing furniture. Never use large furniture. Large furniture can make the living room feel cramped. Instead, you choose furniture that is minimalist and does not need too many places.

You can also put the TV on the wall of the room, thus you do not have to use a shelf to put the TV you have.

combine living room

2.Green Plants That Refreshing Your Room

As we already know that the apartment has a size that is not too broad. Therefore, you need to find various ways to make the room look fresh and attractive.

The next way that can be done is to put green plants on the living room wall. We recommend that you use green plants that do not require much care, such as cactus and so on. You can also use white paint to make the room look cleaner and tidier.

We guarantee that every guest who comes to visit home will feel comfortable while in the living room.

combine living room with family

3.Combining Two Rooms Being One

The next workable alternative is to combine two rooms into one. For example, you combine living room and dining room into one room.

In this way, you and your family can watch TV while enjoying a meal at the dinner table.

Do not forget to put the carpet on the floor of your apartment to make it warmer!

living room with family room

4.Modern Style In Your Living Room

Color selection is a critical factor in your success applying modern style in the living room. We strongly advise you to use furniture that is black and white. Black and white colors can give the impression of elegance and modern in your living room.

It is no less interesting is you can put the decoration on the living room wall with the same color. To be more warm and comfortable, you can also use the carpet on the living room floor.

living room wall

5.Warm and Sparkling Impressions Being One

The concept of a living room that can give a romantic impression to you who use it. The thing that needs to be done is to put the decorative lights on the wall of your living room as we illustrated above.

Put also a cream-colored sofa to give a warm impression in the living room. This type of sofa allows you to sleep and get pregnant after work. You also make this living room as a bed for guests who come to visit.

Very interesting to apply is not it?

give the impression of elegance

6.Optimizing Use of Living Room

If you have an unused area of the apartment optimally, then you can apply the example we gave above.

You can use an unused area as a work space. Not only that, you can also make the place as an area to store books and various decorations.

7.Room Decoration That Make Your Living Room Looks Interesting

If you want a vibrant atmosphere in the living room, then please just use the concepts and ideas that existed above.

The thing you need to do is put the decorations on the wall section!

Put the painting or artwork that you think is most interesting to put in the living room. The interesting thing is you can put a bookcase adjacent to the living room wall. The bookshelf can be used to put various collections of books that you often read.

Use a comfortable sofa to read the book you love!

8.Living Room and Family Room into One

In order for room in the apartment can be used optimally, then this one way can be an alternative that can be done.

The trick is you only need to combine living room with family room into one. Here you can put TV, DVD Player, game console, and so forth. Do not forget to put a comfortable sofa in the living room. You can also put rug in your living room to make the room feel warmer and more comfortable.

Are you interested in using an ideas above?

9.Rooms are Simple, But Stay Attractive!

Never use too much decoration in the narrow living room. As the solution is you can put a variety of more simple decorations like the example we delivered above.

You just need to put green plants in your living room and put some wall decorations to beautify the look of the room. The look is very simple, but can give the impression of elegance and neat inside your living room.

Which designs and ideas do you find most appealing to use?

When going to decorate the living room in your apartment, then the important thing to consider is the size of the room you have. Never use furniture that is too big in a cramped room. You also need to choose the room decor is simple and not excessive.

In addition, you can also combine the living room with another room. For example, you combine living room with family room or can also combine living room with dining room.

Think creatively when decorating your living room!

We hope that the information we provide above can provide many benefits and inspiration to all of you who have read it.


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