9 Model Home Decor With Hawaiian Style, It Looks Fresh!

9 Model Home Decor With Hawaiian Style, It Looks Fresh! – Hawaii is one of the best tourist destinations owned by United States. Many people come to Hawaii to travel with family and honeymoon with spouse. Beautiful natural atmosphere and a very clean beach makes many tourists willing to spend a lot of time there.

If you like a natural atmosphere that is in Hawaii, then on this occasion we will explain to you all about some home decoration to apply. The decorations we convey are Hawaiian-style and allow you to feel the atmosphere of the holiday inside your house every day.

Do not believe? Here’s the full explanation for you about model home decor.

model home decor

1.Living Room With Open and Green Concept

You are very lucky if you have a house adjacent to the beach like the example above. Because, you can easily decorate your house to look like an atmosphere in Hawaii.

You can create a living room with an open concept, meaning you do not need to use a partition to separate a living room with the outside of your house. This allows fresh air to enter the house and create a very comfortable atmosphere.

You can also enjoy the atmosphere of the beach and the trees from inside the living room. A very nice thing to do.

In order to look more attractive home, you can put the green plants next to the sofa like the example above. Make sure you are happy to take care of these plants to always look green and interesting to put in the living room.

2.Dining Room Adjacent to Your Swimming Pool

You who live in a housing or not adjacent to the beach is very difficult to apply the first concept. The solution to solve this problem is to use the concept and design of this one.

You can put the dining room adjacent to the pool in the backyard. Next, make a door made of glass to separate the dining room and pool. Make sure the door is made to a wide size for easy access in and out.

Put some greenery on the edge of the pool to give a natural and fresh impression. You can also use a chair with a foliage motif like the example above to provide an atmosphere like in Hawaii.

A great place to spend time with family!

3.Beachside ambience inside Your bedroom

The main attraction in Hawaii is a very beautiful and charming beach. You can bring the atmosphere of the beach into the bedroom by using the concept and decorations like an example above.

What needs to be done?

You need to paint the walls of your room using blue. Furthermore, you can decorate some corners of the room by using straw and flowers. You do not have to buy real straw and flowers, because there are a lot of accessories stores that provide fake flowers for use as room decor.

The last step that can be done is to put the decoration in the form of fake coconut trees in your bedroom.

You will feel the holiday atmosphere in the bedroom with ease!

4.The Inside Room!

There are two ways you can get a beach feel like an example above. First, you can use the wallpaper with the feel of the beach in your room. Or you can paint the walls of the room to resemble the beach and the atmosphere in Hawaii.

We recommend you to use the first way, because it is easier than the second way. No problem, if you want to use the second way, but you need to ask for help from experts so the results do not disappoint.

A stunning room to live in!

5.Creating Guest Room That Feels Fresh

You can also create a living room that is in your house to feel like on the beach and has a Hawaiian atmosphere. The trick is very easy, you just need to put some green plants in some corners of the room. For example, you can put it on the table or in the corner of your living room.

Do not forget to put a cushioned sofa for guests to feel comfortable while in your home.

The important thing is you can use a window made of glass that allows guests to see the atmosphere of the park outside the home.

Interesting to apply is not it?

6.Optimizing Your Narrow Room

Not everyone has a large house and can put some unique and interesting decorations in it. If you have a small room, then you can use concepts and designs like this.

A workable concept in your living room!

Put the L-shaped sofa in your living room. Furthermore, in order to look more attractive, you can use a pillowcase with a striking style like an example above.

As a complement, you can put some green plants in the corner of your room. Do not forget to use furniture made by wood. This can give a warm impression when you are in your house.

7.Decorating Outside Your Home

Do not just decorate the inside of your house, you also need to decorate the outside of your house to look like the atmosphere in Hawaii. One way that can be done is to plant tropical plants in front of the house. For example, palm trees, palm trees, and so forth.

Your home to look more attractive by using the above concept!

Which decor is most interesting?

Choose a decor that matches the size and circumstances that are in your home. Do not force yourself to use a decor that is not in accordance with the circumstances that are in the house.

If necessary you can invite your friends who are familiar with the layout when going to decorate your house.

We hope the above information about model home décor can provide many benefits to all of you who have read it. Feel free to ask us, if you have any questions related to the above topic.

Good luck!


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