7 Backyard Covered Patio Designs and Green Style, It Looks Fresh!

7 Backyard Covered Patio Designs and Green Style, It Looks Fresh! – Many people apply the modern concept and look elegant to use on the back porch of your house. This happens because both types of concepts above can provide an interesting impression when used. There is one kind of concept that is still rarely used by people that is green style.

The back porch that applies the green concept will give a fresh feel inside your home. In this explanation, we will try to explain about 7 ideas of backyard terraces that can be applied.

Here’s the full discussion about backyard covered patio designs.

backyard covered patio designs

1.Tap made from creepers

The back porch of a house like this is not hard to make and you can make your own using a materials available.

The first step that needs to be done is to make a building made of wood like an example above. Next, you can plant a vine that will serve as a roof.

The process of making a terrace like the above takes a short time. At least you have to wait until the vines can grow optimally.

No need to troubleshoot the process, because you will get optimal results like an example above. The important thing to note is make sure you always watering and routine care for the vines.

The last stage is you can put chairs and tables on the back porch of the house like an example above.

Interested to implement the above ideas?

2.Soothing Green Concept

When properly considered, this second concept is similar to the first concept and design. It’s just the difference is the use of a sofa that is placed on the back porch of your house.

You can put a white sofa on the back porch of the house. White color can give a neat and clean impression on your terrace.

The important thing to note is the white sofa will look easy dirty. So, we do not recommend a white sofa to put on the back porch. You can replace the white sofa with other colors darker.

3.Put the Green Plants in the Back Porch

You can buy a variety of green plants to be placed on the back porch of the house as the example above. Green plants can provide freshness when you’re on the back porch.

Only, you should regularly water the plants that are owned to look always fresh and interesting. Plants that are not treated will look easy to wilt and eventually can quickly die.

Want to try an above concept?

4.No Need To Use Green Plants in Back Porch

If you do not like to care for plants on the back porch, then the concept and design of this one can be your consideration. You do not have to put any green plants on the back porch of your house. Instead, you can put a green sofa to give freshness to the back porch.

Choose a green and white terrace like the example above to be more interesting. Enjoying time with family is fun to do here.

5.Let’s Relax With Your Family Here!

The most fun thing to do in the house is to hang out and relax with a big family. One place that can be an option to relax with the family is the back porch of your house.

Buy comfortable sofas and chairs to put on your back porch. Choose a seat that is of good quality in order to be used for a long time.

Do not forget to plant green plants around the back porch to make it look more beautiful and attractive.

6.Make Roofs By Glass

The next way you can do is you can create a roof terrace made of glass like an example above. Concepts like this will give some advantages to its users. The first advantage is you do not need to use the lights on the back porch, because the light can come from the sun. This of course will save you a lot of expenses.

Next, you can put a variety of green plants that you like on the back porch. Enjoying hot coffee with your partner is a very fun thing to do here.

7.Green and Blue Being One

There are two colors that can give the freshness of the blue and green. So, please just use both types of this color on the back porch of your house.

The first step that can be done is to put the green plants like an example above. Do not put too many green plants, you just have to put some plants in the back porch.

Next, you can put a sofa or chair that is gray and blue to add to the attractiveness of your home terrace.

Gathering with family here is a very fun thing to do.

Have you got the desired design?

7 concepts and design of the back porch of the house can easily give freshness to you who use it. So, you can choose the design and concept that you think is most interesting.

It is no less important is make sure you have prepared funds to create a terrace with the concept and design above. Because, there are some concepts that require large enough funds in order to provide optimal results.

Nevertheless there are still some concepts and designs that do not require large funds. Because, you can make your own with a very cheap material.

However, we advise you to consult with an expert before creating a back patio design like the example above. This is useful for the results obtained can be optimal and interesting.

Hopefully the above information about backyard covered patio designs can provide many benefits to the readers. If you feel this article helps, please share it through social media you have. Or if you have any questions related to the above topics, please just ask us through the comments field below.

We’ll be happy to answer any incoming questions to help you all.

Good luck!


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